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Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Nexian NX-G722 HP plus Harga HP ter-Baru 2010

Nexian NX-G722 HP plus Harga HP ter-Baru 2010
Nexian NX-G722 Anang Syahrini Buzz with Trakball Navigation
Here is new addition of bifold GSM buzz appear from Nexian, alleged Nexian NX-G722.
Nexian NX-G722 maybe alleged as Anang Syahrini buzz due to draft up Anang and Syahrini things such as Anang & Syahrini Fulltrack, Anang & Syahrini Wallpaper, Anang & Syahrini Video, Anang & Syahrini RBT and Anang & Syahrini Fansite.
Beside that the bifold GSM 900/1800MHz buzz is additionally able with trackball navigation.
The afterward are the blueprint of Nexian NX-G722 phone:
-Dual GSM 900/1800MHz
-Trackball navigation
-Anang & Syahrini Fulltrack
-Anang & Syahrini Wallpaper
-Anang & Syahrini Video
-Anang & Syahrini RBT
-Anang & Syahrini Fansite
-Colour LCD
-FM Radio
-MP3 Player
-Supports Chatting Applications
-Supports Facebook and Twitter Applications
-Email client
-Voice Recorder
-Audio Recorder
-Stereo Speaker
-Supports External Memory
-Language : Indonesian – English
The amount of Nexian NX-G722 is 599,000 Rupiah.
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